Our Philosophy

Mission Statement:

Morisset Children’s Centre believes in providing an environment where all educators work in partnership with families and the wider community to provide positive and holistic learning in line with the Early Years Learning Framework. Morisset Children’s Centre strives to support a sense of belonging that will enhance the children’s overall development.


Morisset Children’s Centre believes that all children are competent, resourceful individuals who are capable of directing their own learning. The whole child, including the mind, body and spirit, is nurtured and valued at Morisset Children’s Centre.  Each child is encouraged and supported to relate positively to the people around them, improving their own sense of well-being and being respectful of others. 

Morisset Children’s Centre maintains respect for the Awabakal People, the traditional owners of the land that Morisset Children’s Centre exists upon.

Morisset Children’s Centre believes that all members of our community can benefit from interacting with the natural environment by engaging in responsible, meaningful activities.  Educators provide opportunities to do this by encouraging children to be mindful about waste and compost, caring for the Centre’s vegetable gardens, worm farms and range of plants throughout the indoor and outdoor environments and using recycled materials throughout the weekly programs.

Morisset Children’s Centre believes that the many connections children make with those around them help them to form their self-identities and their view of the world. We believe in providing an inclusive environment embracing these self-identities, equally, regardless of their race, culture, religion, gender or ability.

Morisset Children’s Centre believes that children’s voices, opinions and reflections are important, and that part of our role is to advocate for the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and to act in the best interest of all children in the community.

Morisset Children’s Centre is passionate about building strong links with a range of support services, agencies and businesses in our local community to support and guide our learning programs.

Morisset Children’s Centre also strongly supports families in the community by offering information nights and parenting courses on an annual basis.

Morisset Children’s Centre sees the children as powerful, resourceful, active learners, capable of engaging, competent at experimenting, and curious about investigating and learning from a well-planned, open-ended curriculum. 

The Centre is a small home-like environment with both indoors and outdoor areas deliberately created so children can build connections with beautiful, natural materials and be challenged by the material’s possibilities and by the expectations of the educators. Open-ended materials allow all children to participate in their work according to their abilities and interests. 

At Morisset Children’s Centre, we offer an inclusive curriculum to embrace children’s individual interests, celebrate their strengths, beliefs and individual learning styles. 

We believe that embracing and nurturing each person’s individuality and uniqueness develops a genuine sense of belonging and self-worth.

Educators guide children’s learning and invite them to think, problem-solve and make choices that allow for the development of positive learning attitudes and the skills for life-long learning. Educators are professional, supportive and create a welcoming environment for our children and families. 

We believe that confident, engaged, supported and critically reflective educators can challenge and extend children’s thinking about their place in the world. This invites ongoing inspiration from a variety of ideas, approaches and theories on Early Childhood education. 

The National Quality Standards, United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Early Years Learning Framework and the Children’s Services Regulations are all embedded in our everyday practices.